If you can not find the answers you are looking for in our documentation or our Frequently Asked Questions, you can find help in our support channels. Depending on what you use ownCloud for and how you use it, you can find resources in different places.

  Private use   Professional use
Data stored Private data from self, friends and family Company, customer, client or student data
Use case Sync data to devices and share with friends and family Make data available to employees, customers and/or partners on any platform and device
Tutorials or how-to's There is a lot of content online about installing ownCloud. We collect a list on this page and our YouTube channel collects video tutorials but if what you are looking for is not there, a search engine can find them easily. ownCloud.com has a Resources section with whitepapers, webinars and more. If you want to evaluate if ownCloud offers what you need in your enterprise environment, check out the Data sheets.
Where to ask questions You can ask for help in our community support channels:

Please understand that all these channels essentially consist of users like you helping each other out. Consider helping others out where you can, to contribute back for the help you get. This is the only way to keep a community like ownCloud healthy and sustainable!

Find what you need to tune ownCloud performance and meet business requirements in our documentation as well as the other self-help resources provided by ownCloud GmbH.

  • If you need file sync and share as provided by ownCloud Server and want the confidence of knowing that your ownCloud deployment is backed by technical expertise with 8x5 mail support, the Standard Subscription by ownCloud GmbH. is a cost-effective solution which may meet your requirements.
  • If you administer more complex deployments of ownCloud, servicing hundreds to hundreds of thousands of users, handling terabytes to Petabytes of data, require high availability and multi-server scaling, need integration in enterprise infrastructure and/or have specific needs around compliance in regulated industries, Enterprise Subscription from ownCloud GmbH. is available with 12x5 email and phone support, additional enterprise functionality and deployment and branding tools and more. ownCloud GmbH can also work with you to develop custom support that can include up to 24x7 coverage.

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