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Newest Release: Upgrade your server – ownCloud 10.0.3 is out!
September 19, 2017

With 10.0.3 we introduce over 400 improvements to deliver one of the most sophisticated ownCloud releases so far. Lots of new features make ownCloud smoother than it has ever been, and the enormous performance improvements support this feeling.

Next to optimizations of uploads, we decreased the number of database queries even further. The removal of initial scanning overhead makes federated sharing less time-consuming, and the duration of contact searches in your ownCloud and with federated instances is drastically reduced. All of these improvements make the user experience of ownCloud quick and uncomplicated, and the performance of your ownCloud installation outstanding.



One big focus with this ownCloud 10.0.3 release has been the upgrade process. For a software as complex as ownCloud, upgrading over major releases is not an easy task. But here are the good news – we made it work! By offering an upgrade path from the already deprecated 8.2.11 version directly to the new ownCloud 10.0.3 the upgrade process is now easier than ever. If you have an older version, you just go to the latest point release of your major version (8.2.11, 9.0.10, 9.1.6, as of writing), and then conduct only one upgrade to the newest ownCloud release directly.

Apart from that, here is a list of the biggest improvements:

  • Upload chunking in the web interface (enables e.g. large file upload for IE11)
  • Default user and group share permissions are now configurable in the ‘Sharing’ section of admin settings
  • All database columns that use the FileID have been changed to bigint (64-bits) to ensure future-proof operation of large instances
  • Added ‘occ user:inactive’ command to list inactive/disabled users
  • Transfer ownership (occ command to transfer file ownership and shares from one user to another) now works with master key encryption
  • A proper hint will now be shown when trying to access unreachable private links (no access permission or user not logged in)
  • Performance improvements (e.g. upload optimizations & decreased number of database queries)
  • Upgrade migrations: It is now possible to directly upgrade from 8.2.11 to 10.0.3 in a single upgrade process

You can find even more features, changes, and all other information in the changelog.

Apart from the 10.0.3 server version, we are releasing a whole bunch of updates for several apps in a bulk today. Here is a list of all of the apps which got improved, including Contacts and Calendar. You can download these community apps on the Marketplace:

GuestsBlog postChangelogMarketplace

DiagnosticsChangelogMarketplace – this one has its first release!



Activity – ChangelogMarketplace

Text Editor – ChangelogMarketplace

Custom GroupsChangelogMarketplace


And these new app versions are included in the 10.0.3 server bundle:





One app, Diagnostics, even sees its first light today. Piotr Mrówczyński wrote it, so ownCloud admins can identify bottlenecks in the underlying infrastructure as well as further improve ownCloud’s performance itself. You can download it on the Marketplace, as usual.

Thanks to all developers who contributed to this awesome 10.0.3 release, and who wrote the apps. You are great.

Now upgrade your ownCloud to 10.0.3!

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Google Summer of Code: Security and Storage Integration – ownCloud looks back on successful participation
September 12, 2017

Google’s “Summer of Code” is over and ownCloud takes stock. The file sync and share specialist took part in the international open source scholarship as a mentoring organization for the second time this year and supervised three student projects. All results received the best possible evaluation and a great deal of interest within the community. These projects make an important contribution to the further development of ownCloud.

In addition to ownCloud, 200 other open source projects successfully applied for participation as a mentoring organization. The students then proposed 26 developments for ownCloud, of which Google judged five to be feasible in the end. Three of these were selected by ownCloud and implemented together with the students.


From the community – for the community

Three ambitious projects have been realized, which are supposed to provide more security and improved compatibility for ownCloud users.

Semih Serhat Karakaya from Turkey developed an application that significantly increases data protection by adding further additions. The new features include enhanced brute-force protection, improved two-factor authentication and the implementation of more stringent password regulations.

The goal of Noveen Sachdeva’s project “ownCloud as a backend for web apps” is to support cross-origin API access in ownCloud through OAuth2 verification. In addition, the student from India wrote a JavaScript API client library that makes it easier for developers to communicate with existing ownCloud libraries.

Hemant Mann, also from India, guarantees with his project that Dropbox can be integrated into the ownCloud file structure in the future. Currently, the (now ceased) version 1 of the Dropbox API is still in use. The focus of his work is to replace this version with the new v2 API.

The achievements of the three ownCloud students were rated by their mentors as “good” to “excellent”, which corresponds to the highest levels in the GSoC evaluation process.

All projects have passed the three evaluation phases and have been officially recognized by Google and published as “successful”. This puts them among 1,128 students from 68 countries who have successfully completed the Google Summer of Code.

For those interested in learning more about the Google Summer of Code and the three projects, the ownCloud Conference is the perfect opportunity. From September 20-23, 2017 Semih, Noveen and Hemant will be in Nuremberg at oCCon and will talk about their work and answer the visitors’ questions.

More information about the ownCloud conference:



The students projects in detail on Github


Semih Serhat Karakaya



Noveen Sachdevas



Hemant Mann


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Guests 0.4.2 released!
September 11, 2017

With ownCloud X we introduced the Guests app to extend ownCloud’s sharing capabilities and make it a breeze to share files with externals who do not yet have a user account at your ownCloud.

Instead of using public share links that are rather useful for quick sharing a user just enters an email address in the sharing dialog. The receiver is notified, has the ability to activate a guest account and starts using ownCloud right away. Guests get access to ownCloud features as configured by the admin and they can even use the ownCloud Clients (Desktop/Android/iOS). Sharing and collaboration have never been so easy!

The 0.4.2 release contains some polishing under the hood and sets the foundation for version 0.5 that will round-off the feature with some very handy additions and highly improved usability.

The most notable changes for 0.4.2 are:

  •  Added ability to directly enter an email address in the sharing dialog
  • Added separate guests activation page (previously ‘password reset’ was used which had some drawbacks)
  • Fixed bug that prevented guests admin settings to be displayed (see ‘Sharing’ section)
  • Fixed bug that prevented sharing with existing email addresses
  • Improved admin settings to be more intuitive and easier to use

As usual you find the app on the ownCloud Marketplace and can install it conveniently in your instance via the Market app. Please find the full changelog on GitHub.

As said, stay tuned for the following version 0.5 which will be even more feature-oriented.

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Download the new Android Beta Client at the Google Play Store today!
September 8, 2017

OAuth2 with the ownCloud Beta AppAfter we brought the Android Beta Client to the popular Open Source appstore F-Droid already, we now put it into the Google Play Store too, so more of you can help us testing. The app is free of course, both in license and in price.

Also you should notice that this is already the next Beta, as we are approaching a new mobile client release. This is the first version where early adopters can test out our new OAuth2 support! Just install OAuth2 in your ownCloud 10.0 beginning with and try it out.

  • To test the oauth functionality: ssh to your owncloud/apps folder, and clone the oauth repo from above.
  • Then login to your ownCloud Admin Panel go to settings and then to apps
  • Klick the “show deactivated apps button”
  • Klick install oauth2

Then connect the ownCloud beta app to your server: A popup window will be shown on the android client to enter your credentials.

As always secure your ownCloud via https e.g. with https://letsencrypt.org/ .

When you go to your personal settings you will be able to see your connected android device listed. You can revoke the access then for this device specifically.

Please help us by testing the ownCloud android beta app, as always Feedback is warmly welcome. https://github.com/owncloud/android/issues

Update and test to help us at finding the last bugs! With your help we can keep the mobile client working and secure.

Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid

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The new ownCloud Desktop Client 2.3.3 is released today!
September 5, 2017

Thanks to our testers, who solved the last bugs through our testing program, we could release the 2.3.3 client today. Testers are ensuring that you have the most stable, most reliable software out there and your data is safe. But of course there is always one last bug we did not yet discover – so join them and find it!

As the call for testers already mentioned, next to a fix regarding big file uploading with ownCloud 10.0, the biggest change is that the Linux client ships Qt 5.6.2 with the binaries now. This eliminates many errors from different system-delivered Qt versions, resolves dependency issues and improves stability.

We take pride in bringing this stable client release to you.

You can view the full changelog here.

Upgrade your ownCloud Client now!

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