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Efstathios Iosifidis
ownCloud translated 100% for the second time!!!
May 3, 2017

I will remind you that we had a translation hackathon last month. We were too close to finish the translation, excluding the paid apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

We were thinking to do another hackathon and maybe that's why ownCloud set up a meetup account for us.

Me, Alexandros and Eleni live near so we used the telegram chat to organize a spontanious translation semi-hackathons. During a hackathon, Evangelia joined us and she translated also.

So the result of the 2-3 hackathons was we finished translation in Greek. Here is the result:

As the title says, this is the second time that happens. We managed to finish on April 2014.

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nueww – Nuremberg Web Week
April 28, 2017

Nuremberg, where the ownCloud headquarters are, is an upcoming city in the digital sector. The Nuremberg Web Week is a “festival for the digital society” – where the most important creators meet up and share ideas. During the week from 15th to 22th of May there are a lot of events, conferences, presentations and workshops. All the innovative people in the digital Nuremberg are showing what they created and listen to the accomplishments and talks of others.

At 19th of May we are also giving a talk, about using ownCloud Enterprise with docker: http://nueww.de/programm/2017/event/show/docker-im-enterprise-einsatz-bei-owncloud-138/2d53112c04df820d4e93554e163e0a8a/! With ownCloud X we supply docker images for the Enterprise version. We want to talk about our experiences in deployment, customer requests and our thoughts about product management. In the end we want to introduce the architecture and details of the docker images and show their use in different environments, e.g. with Docker Compose, Swarm or Kubernetes.

We are happy to contribute to this awesome event which strengthens Nuremberg as a location for digital innovation. Hopefully everyone learns a lot and enjoys a nice event atmosphere.

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Introducing: ownCloud X
April 27, 2017

ownCloud X marks a new ownCloud generation with a strong focus on security, performance and productivity. Based on discussions with end users, admins and business owners we are improving ownCloud – now with:

Extended Security

We have implemented several new security features. File integrity checks prevent data losses. The ability to split app logs and owncloud.log makes it easier to locate errors and to develop apps. Our improved user management gives you better options on keeping control over your data, Furthermore it is now possible for admins to directly disable and enable users via a checkbox in the user management panel and also disable the „Local“ storage type to prevent possible data leakage.

Extended Collaboration

Several new features are also making collaboration with your users easier; you can now create guest accounts and custom groups to arrange teams as you need them, and multiple link sharing (with different passwords and expiry dates, for example) to further specify who you want to know what.

This is making ownCloud a powerful tool for teamwork in any environment, for a family sharing the pictures of the last holidays,  for a small startup,  a  medium business, or an global organization. Paired with months of software hardening, countless bugfixes the release of ownCloud X sets a new benchmark when it comes to secure file sync and share. The ownCloud Developers are proud of this release.

Extended Performance

One of the key aspects of ownCloud X is the seamless integration into existing IT-infrastructures. We improved the performance of ownCloud in all of the key areas, especially at the database. By providing a central user table the performance-heavy queries are significantly reduced. But on top of that we are now supporting PHP 7.1 and Redis clusters  and a reworked upgrading process that, starting with ownCloud X allows to skip major software versions, the ownCloud X experience will hold up even in the most sophisticated IT-environments.

Extended Marketplace 

On top of that, ownCloud is on the next step to become a more diverse platform with infinite possibilities; we are introducing our new marketplace! With it you can develop apps and use the apps created by other ownCloud developers, sell your service and deploy your integration solution. This further extends the possibilities of the ownCloud platform. For a full explanation of how the marketplace is a big step for extending the ownCloud Platform please take a look here.

These are the biggest steps forward – for the details, what exactly has changed, look at our changelog.

Take the opportunity and install ownCloud X now! Become independent and take back control over your data!


You want to become a part of ownCloud X? Join the ownCloud X Launch event on May 23 in Cologne. Call for Papers is open now. Get involved and submit your presentation at events@owncloud.com !

All information can also be found here: https://owncloud.com/de/lp/owncloud-x/#CallforPapers


Disclaimer: for production systems we recommend to wait for the first update release. it is to be expected in about 4 weeks.

The reworked settings page, one of more than 200 new features and improvements.
The reworked settings page, one of more than 200 new features and improvements.

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The new ownCloud marketplace is here!
April 27, 2017

With the new Marketplace we are introducing a new app distribution platform; creating, publishing and installing apps has never been easier. This makes ownCloud the leading, flexible open platform for extented functions on top of file sync and share. The Marketplace enables developers to create and publish apps; in the future, also payments will be allowed, so developers can make a living by publishing the apps over our marketplace, making them available to every ownCloud user. By the community, for the community!

But not only apps can be traded on the marketplace; you can also offer services to users, for example setting up an ownCloud, providing support for non-techie community users, administrating ownCloud instances. The kind of service is not limited to these, of course. Be creative! Find out what is needed, and provide it on the marketplace; those in need will find you that way. It will make experts more visible, so people can help each other better.

Apps like Collabora Online ation, PrivacyIdea and the ones you will create for the future lay the foundation to replace the googleverse with a viable open source alternative in the hands of the larger communities. You have the chance to build a decentralized internet, with the means of transparency. Finally open source alternatives become usable for everyone, making internet freedom a thing not only for us nerds and experts.

So go ahead, install ownCloud X, and register on the marketplace! Give your data a new home, apart from data silos like Google and Dropbox. Bring your data home to your own cloud!

The new ownCloud Marketplace.

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ownCloud X Call for Papers
April 24, 2017

You are actively involved in the development of ownCloud and have topics that you would like to share with the community? The ownCloud X Launch Event is your place to do that.

On May 23 we will host the official ownCloud X Launch Event in Cologne, Germany to celebrate this landmark release. The conference will bring together the whole ownCloud environment – from the official team to partners, customers, developers and community users. The ownCloud X Launch Event is the main platform for everything around ownCloud and the place to share new ideas, hear about innovative use cases and expand your ownCloud network.

We have reserved exclusive speaking slots for the most exciting and relevant ownCloud topics – this is your chance to present your work around ownCloud. Whether you have an unique use case, a new ownCloud app or other exciting improvements on the core code, the ownCloud X Launch Event is the ideal opportunity to introduce your project, get feedback or even find business and development support.

Get involved now and submit your presentation at events@owncloud.com!

All information can also be found here: https://owncloud.com/de/lp/owncloud-x/#CallforPapers

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