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Meet our Team for the FrOSCon 2017!
August 17, 2017

Again, we go to FrOSCon this year! We hope to meet a lot of nice people, consume tremendous amounts of Mate and get to know the currently most active open source projects.

If you have questions around ownCloud, take your chance and ask us! You can find us at our booth.

Stefan Kremer

Stefan does community evangelism for ownCloud and wordpress. For years he has been contributing to open source projects and improves every atmosphere with bad jokes.
Twitter: @stkjj

John Kawohl

John is a systems engineer trainee at ownCloud. Before that he studied political science at FU-Berlin and worked as event manager. He is an open source enthusiast.
Twitter: @jonathankawohl

Patrick Jahns

Patrick, our latest addition to the owncloud Team, is a Software and DevOps Engineer. He’s currently assisting our Support Team to solve any issues you might encounter.

Emil Lefherz

Emil studies philosophy & politics and does community stuff for ownCloud. He is interested in improving democracy via digital means, for example open source software.
Twitter: @elefherz

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Learn the ownCloud essentials and get a certificate!
August 13, 2017

ownCloud is a very diverse software and rich in opportunities. It can be used under very different circumstances and does far more than only file sync & share, if you combine the right apps. To make the most of your ownCloud it is good to know every aspect of it.

Cornelius Wachinger’s workshop “ownCloud 101 – the essentials” at the ownCloud Conference 2017 covers all the best practices, prerequisites and architecture recommendations you can use to get the best out of ownCloud. At work, Cornelius has to find solutions for very different situations and has a lot of experience with production environments.

In this workshop, he shares his experience with the community. Come to the workshop and learn all of it.

If you are a Microsponsor, you can also get a special certificate for completing the workshop. Have you already considered a community microsponsorship?

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We need testers for an important linux client update!
August 10, 2017


Our Community is making progress with the linux client, as we adapt to better foundations. With the move from the system‘s Qt to shipping our own qt5.6.2, the client will rely on less unpredictable libraries in the future. This will fix a lot of underlying problems we had to work around in the past.

But this big step has to be accompanied by extended testing, so we can assure, that no one will end up with broken software. For this, we need your help.

Download the release candidate, install it on a virtual testing environment, and check if everything works after your liking – and if something breaks, report the bug back to us. Only this way we can ensure, that everyone has nice software at the end of the day.

We also fixed an issue with big file uploading and oC 10.x, you can take a look at the full changelog here. Discuss this release on Central.

Thanks for your contribution!

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Notification: YOU are giving a talk at the ownCloud Conference 2017!
July 17, 2017

Franka Wittek holding a talk at last year's ownCloud Conference

From 20th-23rd of September we are hosting the ownCloud Conference 2017 in Nuremberg. To make this a great experience for everyone, we need your help! We are giving you the platform to hold a talk.

The event is all about you, the ownCloud community! Please feel free to talk about your favourite app, ownCloud installation, best practices or a proposal for future architecture. We are asking for your contribution to a great ownCloud community event.

There will be three different formats in the tracks:

  • 10 minutes lightning talks – this format is meant to highlight a new idea, show something cool, or to bring up a new topic to discuss later.
  • 45 minute tech talks –  This format is designed to explain or investigate a topic which needs more depth in discussion, a broader audience and of course some interactivity welcome.
  • Workshops with flexible length – this format is for hands-on excercises – to share knowledge, to learn, to try things.

Presentations can address all different areas of ownCloud, however, we first and foremost welcome technical topics around code, as well as contributions about the social aspects of the project, community affairs or just free software in general.

Here are some areas where we would particularly welcome contributions. This list is meant to serve as inspiration but does not limit the possible topics we accept:

  • ownCloud core technologies on server and clients, such as file access, sharing, syncing
  • Aspects of ownCloud as an application platform: best practices, APIs, fancy project ideas
  • Scaling, deployment and updating: How do you grow big with ownCloud?
  • Integrations: ownCloud as a good citizen in other environments, or vice versa
  • Community: How to build a community around ownCloud

You can also give a workshop!

The audience will range from hobby code enthusiasts over many developers, designers and other creatives, to administrators, web activists and free software supporters, interested users, politicians and deciders.

There will be beginners, as well as professionals in attendance. And even though the ownCloud conference is a community event with no commercial background, we do consider commercial ownCloud users as community members and welcome their experiences stemming from installations within companies, education organisations and at service providers.


So if you’re interested, apply for giving a talk here!

Don’t forget to register!

For general information about the conference, see the conference pages.


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The marketplace is making some nice progress!
July 11, 2017

The marketplace is the new platform, where ownCloud apps are provided for downloading and upgrading. App developers upload their apps there, so ownCloud admins can automatically install them. The marketplace is currently still in beta, but is making progress!

Our development team worked hard to bring you these new features for the marketplace:

Updated save process of user settings
We standardized all data save dialogs for a better user experience. Changing your settings is now way more intuitive.


Updated upload process
If you want to publish an app, you can now double-check how the information, which you specified in the info.xml of your app, looks like on the marketplace. So you can publish your app the moment you think it’s perfect.

Market app
The market app in ownCloud is responsible for downloading and upgrading the other apps from the marketplace. We improved the integration of this app into the marketplace. The market app now supports bundles and lets users easily install apps contained in a bundle.

Bug fixes
We fixed around 30 bugs, also bugs reported on the official marketplace bug tracker: https://github.com/owncloud/marketplace-issues. If you still find one, you can also report it there 😉 It will be appreciated.

You can now try out the Enterprise Apps!

Starting now, all ownCloud enterprise apps are available. As all other apps, the ownCloud enterprise apps are separate from the core to allow modular, parallel and therefore faster development in both the ownCloud core and the extensions. This also enables the admins to decide which features they want in their ownCloud.

If you are interested in the ownCloud enterprise features, it is now very easy to start a 30-day-trial. Generate yourself a demo license key in your marketplace account and start testing!


We hope that the marketplace is out of beta soon, so we can close down the old https://apps.owncloud.com and focus on new, better technology.


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