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Meet fellow ownClouders online with video
October 17, 2017

Hey Folks,

meet fellow ownClouders, engineers and and just all kinds of people around the ownCloud platform now in a weekly call.

The engineers at owncloud use a tool very often https://meet.jit.si/ to gather together in ad hoc conference meetings and discuss improvements and other ownCloud related stuff.

To open up we decided to have a weekly meeting, in a video chat with all of you.

Starting from thursday the 21st October we will have a chat at 4pm/16:00 CEST in the afternoon. (Download ics.)

Just join the channel https://meet.jit.si/owncloud .

We have at the beginning no fixed schedule or agenda, this is left open on purpose.

Please note that this online-meetup is not intended to be a support channel. It should be a channel to communicate, chat, hang out and meet other like-minded people.

See you on thursday!




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ownCloud Android 2.5.0 release. Now with oAuth2 support.
October 9, 2017

ownCloud Android client 2.5.0 comes with a new Secure Authentication Workflow, improved stability and some enhancements.

oauth2 adds another security layer to your ownCloud.

oauth2 is a mechanism that prevents you from storing your credentials on the device itself. The device gets a token by the server which can be revoked any time. This means there is no login credentials on the device which could be read by thefts.

Trend Micro says in this study (Link to .pdf) : Hacking or malware are not the leading causes of breaches. Device loss is the main cause for Data Breaches.

For more information on oauth2 check out this article on digital ocean.


Other Improvements in this release:

  • Show file listing option (anonymous upload) when sharing a folder (OC X required)
  • Proper notifications when virus is detected during upload.
  • Some UX/UI Fixes
  • Instant uploads now more reliable
  • Bug fixes

Get the app now on the google Playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.owncloud.android


(The update will happen soon on fdroid aswell).



Check out the source code on github.

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New app release: How to connect your Dropbox with api v2 as external storage to ownCloud
October 2, 2017

We are proud to release the awesome work of our GSoC Student Hemant Mann, today: External Storage: Dropbox

Earlier this year Dropbox announced to drop it’s api v1 in favour of dropbox api v2.

On September 28th the api v1 endpoint was turned off.


As of now still both authentication methods are available in ownCloud, while only api v2 with oauth2 works from now on. You may ask why ownCloud develops an app to access the storage of an competitor.

The reason is quite simple: We believe that ownCloud users should have access to their files from one secure, single point of access. ownCloud integrates well with all kinds of storages and dropbox is just one of them.

Just follow these easy steps to connect your ownCloud to Dropbox:


#1 First make sure you are on ownCloud 10.0.3 (always keep your ownCloud up to date, not just for security reasons). If your default login looks like this you seem to be right :-).






#2 Install the Dropbox app from the ownCloud market app in the upper left corner of your ownCloud installation.







3# Install the dropbox app and go to your admin settings in the upper right corner.




#4 Now in the Admin overview click storage. Add the storage connection in your overview and make sure you selected the dropbox connection with oauth2.


  #5 Login to the dropbox developers page and create a new app:






#6 Then choose which folders to share, or to share everything in your Dropbox.

#7 Name Your App and then click Create App

#8 Under the section OAuth2 Redirect URIs add a new URL http://path/to/owncloud/index.php/settings/admin?sectionid=storage (Replace http://path/to/owncloud/index.php with your valid owncloud installation path)

#9 If you are a regular user you must use the URL http://path/to/owncloud/index.php/settings/personal?sectionid=storage

#10 Fill the details Client Id, Client Secrets from you Dropbox App page

#11 Click Grant Access and then you will be redirected for OAuth login

#12 After completing the OAuth you will be redirect back to Storage Section and you should see green mark along your storage configuration

That’s it.

You are ready to go.

In the near future with (10.0.4) we will remove the dropbox api v1 from core and continue our successful path in modularising the ownCloud platform.

oAuth2 as a an authentication industry standard will be soon available for all clients connected to the ownCloud server as well. We are working strongly on strapping unnecessary code from core and to further modularise the ownCloud platform to make development faster, more secure and easier accessible for developers, users and administrators all around the world.


Happy integrating and many thanks to Hemant!



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Join the ownCloud Meetup in Thessaloniki!
October 2, 2017

Meet Clean Code & DevOps Practitioner Patrick Jahns and Desktop Lead Michael Stingl at the ownCloud Thessaloniki Meetup.


We are happy to announce our first event of the season after ownCloud conference 2017.


Konstanze Niedung, Michael Stingl and Patrick Jahns from ownCloud community (and the company) will travel to Thessaloniki and will show us how to build an app very easy and to publish it to the ownCloud marketplace.

Konstanze Niedung
Michael Stingl
Patrick Jahns









The workshop is hands on, so don’t forget to bring your laptop with you.

While the main focus is on the workshop, don’t hesitate to come around and meet up with your fellow ownClouders and ask any questions you might have.


The meetup will take place at Lambda Space (https://www.lambdaspace.gr/), we thank them very much.


We’ll start at 19.00 until 21.00.



We can continue our meeting drinking beer or your preferred beverage at a place near the Lambda Space. We  especially thank https://twitter.com/eiosifidis for making this happen!


Don’t hesitate and rsvp now!


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ownCloud Conference 2017 was a blast!
September 26, 2017

Last week was a very busy week, full of warm experiences, stainless software, outgoing people – a Conference full of ownCloud. Over 100 people met at the TH Georg-Simon-Ohm in Nuremberg to discuss and explore ownCloud.

Many people who work with different facets of ownCloud, showed their accomplishments, and all of the participants learned a lot about the other, more uncommon parts of the ownCloud universe.



What did we learn?

While many interesting discussions evolved at the coffee machine, the highlights surely were the talks.

In total we had more than 40 talks and workshops throughout the conference. Here are just a few examples:

Jörn Dreyer talked about OAuth2, and how to implement it for Shibboleth users, and Thomas Müller talked about how to use ownCloud with object store. Felix Böhm organized a session about monitoring ownCloud’s performance over night, where many people participated. Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle gave a talk on Licenses, open source software, and the software supply chain and the depths of copyleft.

Markus Feilner gave a talk on open Source Enterprise Leadership.

Giuseppe Lo Presti from CERN, which uses ownCloud for years, demonstrated the future of collaborative editing in their CERNBox, one of the biggest storages worldwide. They also collaborate with SWITCH,  who sent Greg Vernon to talk about improving the performance with MariaDB with ownCloud.

Long time ownCloud contributor and Engineering Director Enterprise Cloud at SUSE: Klaas Freitag gave two talks on the syncing of encrypted containers and AppImage.

There were dozens of more talks and and just too many to mention them all.

We made recordings of all of the talks, make sure to follow us on twitter and/or youtube to get the Videos and Slides!



Work hard, party hard

On Friday night we explored the Nuremberg nightlife, and celebrated the Conference with an incredible night at the Harlem Bar in the Nuremberg city (and wherever we have been afterwards^^).

I don’t want to say too much. But if you think, Nerds can’t party – just look at those photos:

Cloud Camp – the place to be creative

On Saturday, we switched to open mind mode and got a bit creative. We sat together and had some spontaneous sessions; for example, how one could get the ownCloud client to use a virtual file system, what could be done with the ownCloud workflows app, and a talk about leadership and depression, which was absurdly funny in a very touching way:

The Talk of @dtraub at #oCCon17 was truly inspiring! Thank you. You touched my heart!

— Jonathan Kawohl (@JonathanKawohl) September 23, 2017


Thanks to our Sponsors…

Last but not least, we want to thank our two partners for sponsoring, Univention and openSUSE, who made this event possible with their contributions.

…and thanks to all of you for making the ownCloud Conference this awesome!

See you at oCCon18!

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