ownCloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface or WebDAV. It also provides a platform to easily view & sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web. Installation has minimal server requirements, doesn’t need special permissions and is quick. ownCloud Server is extendable via a simple but powerful API for applications and plugins.

ownCloud started with a keynote by Frank Karlitschek at Camp KDE’10 where he talked about the need of a self-controlled free and open source cloud.

Two years later, Frank announced the start of ownCloud Inc.

The company makes it possible for developers to work full time on ownCloud, organizing ownCloud events, marketing ownCloud to a wider audience and supporting companies, governments and schools in their ownCloud deployments.

The business model of ownCloud Inc. is very similar to other successful Open Source companies, offering services and support around ownCloud for the enterprise. The company is dedicated to working entirely in the open, accelerating development in the areas of its customers' needs while enabling a completely open development process where everybody can contribute.

ownCloud History Timeline

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  • ownCloud 9.0 released

    March 2016

    introducing improved scalability (worked on with CERN), federation and collaboration tools including comments and tags (announcement)

  • Spreed Brings Private Video Calls to ownCloud

    February 2016

    A 2.5 pound (1.1kg) aluminum cube with an oDroid and some custom hardware integrates ownCloud with the spreed webconferencing software, aiming at consumers and SMB.

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  • ownCloud grows to 8 million users

    January 2016

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  • End of 2015 statistics

    codebase grown to 2.4 million LOC
    average of 84 contributors/month
    estimated 8 million users worldwide

  • ownCloud Collaborates with Collabora and Western Digital

    December 2015

    Western Digital approached ownCloud to build a Raspberry Pi based private cloud storage and Collabora wants to bring LibreOffice Online to ownCloud.

  • ownCloud 8.2 released

    October 2015

    introducing improved Design, new Gallery app, Notifications and file retention control for deletions and versions (announcement)

  • Desktop Client 2.0 released

    August 2015

    introduces multiaccount support (announcement)

  • ownCloud, Inc. introduces Security Bug Bounty program

    August 2015

  • Second ownCloud Contributor Conference

    August 2015

    Almost 140 participants (overview blog)

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  • ownCloud Federated Cloud Sharing API available

    August 2015

  • ownCloud picks up Smashbox from CERN

    July 2015

    CERN developed a testing framework for ownCloud which was adopted for testing ownCloud. See this blog post with details.

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  • ownCloud 8.1 launched

    July 2015

    introducing improved Documents, Release Channels, Encryption 2.0 (announcement)

  • ownCloud 8 launched

    February 2015

    introducing Federated Cloud Sharing, improved search and favorites (announcement)

  • SCIEBO launches

    February 2015

    aiming for up to 500,000 ownCloud users (announcement)

  • ownCloud rocked at FOSDEM and SCALE

    February 2015

    see the events blogpost

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  • End of 2014 statistics

    codebase grown to 2.2 million LOC
    average of 76 contributors/month
    estimated over 1.6 million users wordwide

  • Workshop at CERN

    November 2014

    blog about the visit by Klaas Freitag

    CERNbox coolness
  • New office Nuremberg

    November 2014

    Office in the making
  • iOS client open sourced

    November 2014

  • ownCloud 7 Enterprise Edition

    November 2014

    introduces Universal File Access (announcement)

  • New office in Stuttgart

    August 2014

  • opening of Berlin office

    August 2014

    Berlin office
  • First ownCloud Contributor Conference

    August 2014

    100 participants (conference report)

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  • ownCloud 7 launched

    July 2014

    introducing server-to-server sharing and improved user management (announcement)

  • Stuttgart Meetup

    May 2014

    Meetup at the office in Stuttgart

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  • ownCloud and Red Hat partner up

    April 2014

  • ownCloud, Inc. closes 6.3 million Series A Funding Round

    March 2014

  • Mobile libraries released under open license

    February 2014

  • ownCloud becoming big in Education

    February 2014

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  • End of 2013 statistics

    codebase grown to 2 million LOC
    average of 62 contributors/month
    estimated over 1 million users worldwide

  • ownCloud 6 launched

    December 2013

    introducing improved design, activity feed, avatars, previews, conflict handling and more (announcement)

  • ownCloud Documents launched

    October 2013

  • Opening of official Lexington office

    September 2013

    Painting the tables
  • TU Berlin Developer Meeting

    August 2013

    First time at the TU Berlin brought together 50 participants (blog)

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  • ownCloud 5 Enterprise Edition

    July 2013

  • GNOME integrates ownCloud in the desktop

    March 2013

  • ownCloud 5 launched

    March 2013

    introducing the trash bin and much security, stability and performance work (announcement)

  • February developer meeting

    February 2013

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  • End of 2012 statistics

    codebase grown to 773K LOC
    average of 35 contributors/month
    estimated over 650,000 users worldwide

  • ownCloud, Inc. runs second funding round

    November 2012

    raising 2.5 million USD (press release, coverage)

  • Integration with ownCloud

    November 2012

    starts to appear everywhere (blog post)

  • ownCloud 4.5 launched

    October 2012

    introducing external storage, syncing contacts/calendar, presentation and video players (announcement)

    ownCloud 4.5 in action
  • Double EU/US sprint

    October 2012

    Read the announcement blog and the report from the US meetup with four participants. There were over a dozen participants at the meetup in Europe.

    US meetup
  • ownCloud iOS app launched, Android app rebooted

    August 2012

  • Fourth Developer Meeting

    August 2012

    18 participants worked on ownCloud, as mentioned in this blog post.

  • All major distro's ship ownCloud

    July 2012

  • Businessweek thinks ownCloud is 'hip'

    June 2012

  • ownCloud 4 launched

    May 2012

    introducing file encryption and versioning, LDAP and more (announcement)

    Versioning in action
  • Desktop Sync Client released

    April 2012

  • Third developer meeting

    April 2012

    Meetup picture

    19 participants (blog)

  • ownCloud Inc. First commercial offering

    April 2012

  • Partner program launched

    March 2012

    First customer signed up, partners follow soon (announcement)

    oC partners
  • ownCloud Partners with Univention

    February 2012

  • ownCloud 3 launched

    January 2012

    introducing text editor, introduction of ownCloud apps, PDF viewer and photo gallery (announcement, press release)

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  • End of 2011 statistics

    codebase grown to 212K LOC
    average of 12 contributors/month
    estimated 350,000 users worldwide

  • ownCloud, Inc. announced

    December 2011

  • Second Developer meeting

    October 2011

    7 participants got together in Zurich, hosted by github.com/FreeMinded

  • ownCloud 2.0 launched

    October 2011

    introducing calendar and contact syncing, sharing and a media player (announcement)

    ownCloud 2.0
  • First meeting Holger, Markus and Frank

    July 2011

  • ownCloud 1.2 launched

    April 2011

    introducing much improved UI and many bugfixes (announcement).

    ownCloud 1.1
  • First developer meeting

    April 2011

    5 participants. Work on ownCloud 2.0 started, building a framework for apps. Read the meeting report here.

    first meetup
  • First ownCloud hosting provider

    February 2011

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  • End of 2010 statistics

    codebase grown to 70K LOC
    average of 3 contributors/month
    estimated tens of thousands of users already

  • First major press coverage

    November 2010

  • ownCloud 1.1 launched

    November 2010

    introducing user management and built in text viewer (announcement).

  • ownCloud-in-a-box appliance launched

    July 2010

  • ownCloud 1.0 launched

    June 2010

    introducing a web interface and webDAV, plugin system and notifications (announcement)

    ownCloud 1.0
  • ownCloud 1.0 beta released

    March 2010

  • ownCloud project launched

    January 2010

    At Camp KDE in San Diego by Frank Karlitschek